Joyday Car Humidifier, Car Diffuser, Car Air Freshener, Cool Mist Car Air Purifier with 2 USB Charger 360 Degree Rotation, Mini Car Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Black




Brand: Joyday

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4 IN 1: Car Humidifier + Car Aroma Diffuser + Air Purify + Dual USB Port

1. The car humidifier works as both air humidifier and aroma diffuser. The perfect mist sent out by car humidifier can remove the static electricity and reduce the radiation generated by electronic components and decrease the formaldehyde contamination, dust and harmful gas in car. To some extent, may help to protect your eyes and skin. The nice smell will help to relax mood, calm mind, speeds up metabolism and so on.
2. With 360 degree random angle rotation holder, the car humidifier is suitable for cigarette lighters in any locations of cars.

How to Use:
1. Rotate the lid anti-clockwise to open, then pour appropriate amount to the bottle, finally rotate the lid clockwise to close.
2. Insert the car adapter to the cigarette lighter socket, red indicator light will be on, product is ready to use.
3. Press the touch-button, blue indicator light will be on, product enter humidification mode.
4. Press the touch-button again, blue and red indicator light will be on, product enter diffuser mode.
5. Press the touch-button once more(Three times), red indicator light will be on, product enter shutdown mode.

1. Voltage: DC 12-24V
2. Spraying current: 120-280mA
3. Output voltage: DC 5V
4. Output current: 3.1A(single port 2.1A max)
5. Water tank capacity: 50ML
6. Timing protection: 1 hour
7. Spray capacity: 20-45ML/hour
8. Product Size: 60MM x 240MM
9. Product weight: 100g

Package includes:
✔ 1 x Car Humidifier (with Sponge)
✔ 1 x Sponge (spare part)
✔ 1 x User Manual

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